PHP Benchmarks: Comparing Performance Across Versions 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3

PHP Nederland

Published: 27.03.2024

PHP is a widely used server-side programming language with continuous improvements in its versions. The performance enhancements in PHP versions 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3 have been benchmarked to analyze their impact. PHP Benchmarks evaluate the speed and efficiency of PHP code through various tests like general performance, framework, and database benchmarks. The latest benchmarks show that PHP 8.3 is 4 seconds faster than PHP 8.1, indicating significant performance gains. While specific aspects like Math performance in PHP 8.3.4 may be slower compared to previous versions, overall improvements in other aspects compensate for it, resulting in a notable performance boost. The question arises whether these enhancements mark the peak performance or if further significant improvements are on the horizon. The transition from PHP 7 to PHP 8.1 saw a 20% performance increase, contrasting with the remarkable 400% improvement from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7, raising curiosity about future advancements. Comparing the benchmark results of PHP versions 8.1, 7.0, and 5.6 highlights the evolution of PHP's performance. PHP 8.1 significantly outperforms PHP 7.0 and PHP 5.6, showcasing the ongoing development in PHP's efficiency. These benchmarks provide insights into the continuous progress of PHP versions and raise intriguing questions about the future of PHP's performance.